Ed Stetzer on Wesleyan Methodist’s Church Planting Heritage

In this short clip, missiologist Ed Stetzer shares his thoughts on the heritage of Wesleyan Methodists regarding church planting and the need for us to reclaim that heritage.


Via http://seedbed.com/feed/why-wesleyans-need-to-rediscsover-church-planting/

A Rumbling Cultural Memory

“I have never met an Indian person who didn’t somewhere deep inside struggle with anger and sadness at what has happened to their people, and I have never met an honest and aware non-Indian person in America who didn’t somewhere deep inside struggle with guilt about what we as a culture have done to the people who inhabited the country before us. we can like each other, hate each other, feel pity for each other, love each other. But always, somewhere beneath the surface of our personal encounters, this cultural memory is rumbling. A tragedy has taken place on our land, and even though it did not take place on our watch, we are its inheritors, and the [world] remembers.”

-Kent Nerburn in the forward to Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Busy Summer – Cold Heart?


Perhaps in the middle of a busy summer this quote will be a useful morsel for my ministerial brethren. Many times, I have followed this advice in preparation for the Lord’s Day and have always felt refreshed spiritually.

“When I was threatening to become cold in my ministry, and when I felt the Sabbath morning coming and my heart was not filled with amazement at the grace of God, or when I was making ready to dispense the Lord’s Supper… I used to take a turn up and down among the sins of my past life, and I always came down with a broken and contrite heart, ready to preach… the forgiveness of sins.” – Thomas Goodwin, (1600-1680) English Puritan minister quoted in Patches of Godlight: Father Tim’s Favorite Quotes by Jan Karon which served as the inspiration for my own quotebook.

Sober Thoughts

sober thoughts

An intoxicated friend stopped by tonight wanting a ride down to his mom or brother’s home. I would have been willing to give the ride but didn’t figure the family would appreciate me dropping him off in that condition. He’d just gotten out of jail for making trouble at his mom’s home a couple of weeks ago. I called the mom to double-check. I was right. They didn’t want him coming down.

He didn’t take the news very well nor did he appreciate the tactful explanation I tendered. Further, I apparently tragically undermined his perception of what a man of God should be, but it was my gentle probings regarding the possibility of a better life that sent him over the edge. He yelled at me for a while. Then walked down the street screaming and threatening.  Continue reading

God Forgive Me for Being Apathetically Lazy

God forgive me for being apathetically lazy. 

I read biographies of Harmon Schmelzenbach and J. J. D. Hall this week. Schmelzenbach, noted for founding the Nazarene church in Swaziland, served with boundless energy and passion for souls. In spite of self-sacrifice, malnutrition, frequent fevers and illnesses, overwhelming exhaustion and opposition of every hand, his evangelistic fervor never wavered. Rev. “Daddy” Hall was a Spirit-filled Episcopalian minister who was successful in a wide assortment of evangelistic endeavors and ministries, from prison work and rescue missions to street preaching and possibly the earliest telephone ministry in America.  Continue reading

Bird Songs

I SingI was up before the birds this morning. Someone called and I was trying to figure a way to help them. Shortly after I slumped back into my bed to catch a few more winks of sleep, I heard the songbirds start their music in our front yard.

Actually, I think it was just one bird singing. The others were squawking, “Hey, quiet down over there! Are you trying to wake all of the peeps in the hood?!” But I’m pretty sure the songbird was like, “Sorry guys. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free.”

And you know, that’s about enough to make me sing this morning (in a rough gravelly sort of way). Kayla would say, “Hush! You’re gonna wake the kids! If you wake them up, they are yours for today.” The new neighbors would grumble, “Our realtor didn’t mention anything about a loud-mouthed guy next door. She said this was a quiet neighborhood.”

But I’d be like, “Sorry guys. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I just got a fresh delivery of God’s mercies this morning. He put a new song in my heart, even praise to my God.”