Buddy Joins Our Family

New blog/website featuring our Golden Retriever, Buddy. Excited to add a new golden retriever female pup to our family in a couple of weeks, and hopefully in a couple of years, a whole litter of puppies. Nothing is as sweet as a golden.

Golden Fire Retrievers

It had been a rough week for our family. We320714_2022824975534_1976601629_n showed up for Sunday School at the reservation church we serve and found the south wall and propane tank covered with vile graffiti. We cancelled service because we didn’t want all the neighborhood kids trying to read the filth. Jordan found a bucket of paint and got most of it covered up before the evening service.

That week was to be the start of our kindergarten year of homeschooling our oldest child, Brianna. On the very first day of school, Kayla received a phone call from our friends, Tony and Monica, saying they wanted to stop by with a little something to cheer up our family. We had not an inkling of an idea what they had in mind. When they came into our living room, Tony began pulling and tugging at his sweatshirt and soon pulled out the sweetest golden…

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