All Things New

Our world is broken and messed up.

God created the world, looked over everything that was made and declared that it was very good. But we don’t have to look very far to see that everything is not good. While a lot of beauty, kindness and compassion remains in our world, everything has been tainted by evil, suffering and pain because of sin and the curse.

Stunning headlines grab for our attention day by day. A 72-hour cease-fire between Israel and Hamas lasts only a couple hours before terrorists attack and kidnap an Israeli soldier. Isis is sweeping across Iraq executing infidels and apostates. Russian rebels in Ukraine shot down a Malaysian airliner while the turmoil continues in Ukraine with Russian looking on hungrily. We have a huge humanitarian crisis at our southern border with thousands of illegal immigrants including unaccompanied children, but solutions are mired in politics. And have we forgotten about Boko Haram in Nigeria? Continue reading

Bird Songs

I SingI was up before the birds this morning. Someone called and I was trying to figure a way to help them. Shortly after I slumped back into my bed to catch a few more winks of sleep, I heard the songbirds start their music in our front yard.

Actually, I think it was just one bird singing. The others were squawking, “Hey, quiet down over there! Are you trying to wake all of the peeps in the hood?!” But I’m pretty sure the songbird was like, “Sorry guys. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free.”

And you know, that’s about enough to make me sing this morning (in a rough gravelly sort of way). Kayla would say, “Hush! You’re gonna wake the kids! If you wake them up, they are yours for today.” The new neighbors would grumble, “Our realtor didn’t mention anything about a loud-mouthed guy next door. She said this was a quiet neighborhood.”

But I’d be like, “Sorry guys. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I just got a fresh delivery of God’s mercies this morning. He put a new song in my heart, even praise to my God.”