God’s Relentless Passion

The Lord loves you more than you could ever dream. He says, “Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee.”

His love for you is not cold & calculating. He does not parcel it out in measure to see if it will be reciprocated. His reckless love pursues you to your lowest and finds your heart broken and wounded, unlovely and unloving. Angry, you spit in his face and turn away. But he pursues you further. He stretches himself out on the cross and dies for his great love of you. With every rejection, his heart still aches for you.

When you receive his love and take Jesus as your Beloved, you are showered with endless extravagant gifts. You are bedazzled with his continual expressions of endearment. “How is it that He could delight in me? Doesn’t he remember what I was?” Oh, but he does love you. He is consumed with passion for you.

And if, my friend, you should then grow cold toward him and with mocking betrayal turn your back on the Lover of your soul to pursue other lovers, he would weep over you. Though this love would cost Him untold agony, He would love you still. He would pursue you once again to try to win your heart back again. This is the nature of His love.

He loves you with a fierce, reckless love. He loves you with a relentless passion! He loves you no matter how unlovable you feel. He loves you no matter how spitefully you treat him. He loves you more than you could ever imagine. Jesus loves you! Please don’t turn Him away!

When you receive Him, He longs to see your heart filled with this same reckless, self-giving, even-unto-death kind of love. A passion for Him… and for those around you. You see, He loves your family, friends and neighbors just as fiercely as He has loved you. This is the heart-beat of missions. A heart ablaze with God’s love. A heart that breaks and groans for those rejecting Jesus. A heart over-flowing with grace, tenderness, and mercy.